squirt pron,milf comic,m hqporner

squirt pron,milf comic,m hqporner

1.Causes of packing leakage and maintenance methods
Cause of failure Solution
Incorrect packing method Correct packing
The valve rod is deformed or corroded and rusted Repair or replace
Packing aging Replacement of packing

2.Causes and maintenance methods of valve stem failure
Cause of failure Solution
Valve rod damage, corrosion and trip Replace valve parts
Bent stem When the valve is not easy to open, do not pry with long appliance
Stem nut tilt Replace valve or valve
Open air valve rusted Strengthen the maintenance and rotate the hand wheel regularly

3.Leakage of sealing surface and maintenance method
Cause of failure Solution
The sealing surface is damaged and slightly corroded Regular grinding
Improper closing, poor contact of sealing surface Slowly and repeatedly open and close several 
Rod is bent. upper sealing surface is not in the center line Repair or replace
The valve hole is blocked by impurities Open, remove debris, close slowly, add filter
The sealing ring does not fit tightly with the valve seat and disc Repair
Connection between valve stem and valve disc is not firm Repair or replace

Replacement site

   Valve plate welding            Valve core welding            Sphere repair and refurbishment      m hqporner Repairing

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