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The main products: 
(1)Valve: Ball valve, Gate valve,Global valve, Check valve, Butterfly Valve , 
Breathing valve and 
Trap Valve and so on .

(2)Casting: Die casting (SS/Brass/Aluminium/ Zinc/Cold chamber/Hot chamber )
               Sand casting 
Centrifugal Water Pump 
The best service for u 

Contact Person:Fiona  liu
Tel/whatsapp +8615940086772



This pump is widely used in city water supply and drainage, urban water supply; water supply and drainage of central heating system; iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical refineries, paper mills, oil fields, power plant, airport construction, chemical plants, textile mills, sugar refinery, chemical plant, power plant water supply and drainage, the factory, mine fire water supply system, air conditioning system of water supply, farmland irrigation and drainage, and all other kinds of water engineering.
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